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As the most populous suburban city in the U.S., Mesa is an economic powerhouse. However, since the economic crash of 2008 things haven’t been going so well for the regular residents of Mesa. Just as things were starting to look up, a new economic crisis is on the horizon because of the COVID virus. You need to get your credit in order, and you need to do it quickly. White, Jacobs and Associates is the credit repair Mesa, AZ needs to help get you through the new crisis.

You no longer have the luxury of waiting for things to improve on their own. It is imperative you take your financial future into your own hands and hiring a traditional credit repair agency just won’t cut it. WJA will fight to get your buying power back and we will do it as quickly as possible.

credit repair mesa AZ

WJA Is Not a Conventional Credit Repair Agency in Mesa, AZ

We believe, and our track-record proves we are correct, that using only traditional credit repair tactics is no longer effective. Even when you do see some improvement of your score, the whole process can take years. Other credit repair companies in Mesa, AZ charge you monthly fees (we call them the 100-bucks-a-month-guys) and simply send the same dispute letters over and over again.

They don’t care how effective their tactics are as long as they are getting paid. We offer the opposite. WJA uses alternative and aggressive methods to improve your credit score. After we have analyzed why you have a bad score, we will come up with a game plan and provide you with a time frame for how long the restoration process will take. You will have insight into the whole procedure, so with WJA you know what you are paying for.

How Poor Credit Impacts Your Life

There can be a multitude of reasons why you have poor credit – previous debt settlement, bankruptcies, collections, student loans, etc.; all of these things show up as negative items on your credit report. Even incompetent reporting by the creditors and credit agencies themselves can negatively affect your score.

We need to know your credit history to fix your score. Other than that, we don’t believe previous bad choices, often in situations where no better choice was possible, should permanently take away your financial freedom. Without a good credit score, it is much harder to get a loan or a good interest rate. Even a few points more on your Vantage or FICO scores can make several a difference of tens of thousands of dollars. We intend to increase your score by more than just a few points.

The White, Jacobs and Associates Credit Repair Mesa Process

As soon as you hire us, you will be assigned your personal credit analyst. They will inspect your credit report to see if you are a good fit. Once that part is done, we will come up with a customized game plan and start implementing it right away. We will start removing negative items from your credit report, while you get counseled on how to add positive credit. Our 4-round process was developed to have the largest impact on your score, as quickly as possible.

In the first round, we start disputing any viable negative items on your report. You can think of this as the exploratory stage. Some negative entries will be removed and your Vantage or FICO credit score will improve a bit, but this is not our end game. We will notate which items were removed, and analyze the responses from the creditors. The whole round won’t take more than a 1 to 2 months.

At this point, other credit restoration companies continue with the same tactics. In the second round, WJA will initiate specific disputes and audits, based on the responses we get. Audits are more effective than disputes because we demand your creditors show us proof that they can report the negative items. When they can’t, they are legally obligated to remove them.

Once again, we wait for their responses, analyze them, and let our in-house lawyers do their magic. The third round is based on leveraging any and all legal protections that you have as a consumer to fix any credit problems you may still have. By the end of the round, only the most stubborn creditors will still keep negative items on your report.

The 4th round is the clean-up phase where we go after any items that still remain. Our lawyers continue with the audits and reference the software system the creditors and bureaus use. Reporting mistakes in the system are common, but they won’t get fixed until we point them out. If it seems likely that additional tactics outside of our 4-round process will work, we will use them at no additional cost to you.

credit repair mesa AZ

Is Credit Repair Lawful in Mesa, AZ?

When it is done correctly, yes, and WJA does credit repair the right way. We do our work by the book. You are legally protected from unfair practices by collectors and wrongful entries by a credit bureau by multiple state and federal laws, including The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), and HIPPA laws.

How Quickly Can You Improve My Score?

Our goal is to improve your credit score as quickly as possible, so our credit repair Mesa process never lasts longer than 6 months. You can expect to see your credit improve in the first 45-60 days of hiring us. You will be given a time-frame and regular updates as to how your restoration is going. We have no intention of taking your money if our methods prove ineffective, as the 100-bucks-a-month-guys will.

We Will Get Your Buying Power Back

You know what you get with White, Jacobs and Associates. We will tell you how we can fix your credit score, provide you with a time-frame, and keep you in the loop. Don’t settle for anything but the best credit repair Mesa offers. Our mission is to get your buying power back and we plan on doing it now.

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