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With the right partner, you can overcome bad credit. It’s here in Louisville that we celebrate the “Fastest Two Minutes in Sports.” And it’s here that if you’re lagging behind in the credit race, you truly feel it. Run with a new sense of freedom and cross the finish line with experienced credit specialists by your side. If you’ve been searching for the best credit repair Louisville, Kentucky, affords, your search ends right here.

Home of the Kentucky Derby and those famous Sluggers, Louisville is a place of pure wonder and movement. Known as America’s “bourbon country,” the Derby City produces about a third of America’s native spirit and is a hot tourism spot for whiskey lovers around the globe. The shipping and cargo industry is the name of the township’s game and always has been. And while the beloved Churchill Downs plays host every year to over 150,000 people on that supremely anticipated, fashionable, and competitive mid-spring day, Louisville residents understand there’s really never a wrong time to celebrate.

But how can one enjoy this Louisville spirit with a credit score that hinders you?

That’s where WJA comes in.


You may have some doubts and reservations when it comes to credit repair, and if you do, we actually applaud you. Far too many popular credit services today are, indeed, scams, promising easy fast-fixes and convenient credit-tracking apps. They waste your money and time as you repeatedly call customer service, explaining your situation and realizing you’re just another distant issue on their list. In reality, such companies drag their feet in a race that requires a more aggressive approach. If you’re curious check out the details on our process.

credit repair louisville ky

Not a Scam. We’re the real deal in credit restoration

With White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA), that’s the kind of approach you’ll discover. We act on your behalf, stepping in with a proven system customized for you. Whether you’re looking to refinance, gain loan approval, increase credit score, or lower interest rates, you’ll meet with success in our program. Tons of credit repair services out there bet on form dispute letters to win the results you seek. But they’re not winning anything that you couldn’t win on your own. Anybody can send a basic dispute letter to creditors and bureaus. WJA leaves those traditional methods of credit repair in the dust where they belong.

A professional team with a one-on-one approach

With WJA’s investigative research team and your own personal credit analyst, you’ll find a renewed sense of energy and hope. You can get your buying power back. From the start, you’ll get to know a single credit analyst who will show you the way to better credit and a better life. Ready? Set. Go! Read about the WJA mission to understand where we are coming from.


When you turn to face reality, it can be tough. You can’t dream anymore because so many ruts, potholes, and hurdles riddle the path in front of you. You watch as others stampede ahead and wonder when you’ll be able to get past your specific hurdles. Those may be medical bills, collections, student loans, late payments, delinquent accounts, repossessions – or even public records like a foreclosure or bankruptcy. You try to think positive, but how can you, with the negative items from your credit report are staring you in the face? You’re doing the best you can, but you have nothing to show for it. You need to partner with a company with a mission aligned with yours.

You want to avoid big customer service departments

That’s how many credit companies operate. It becomes tiresome quickly. Repeatedly having to explain your sensitive situation in detail will also wear you out. Customer service departments often lead to frustration and unsuccessful calls and assistance in general. Is this really how you want to communicate regarding something as time-sensitive and important as your credit score?

Of course not!

A personal credit analyst for you

White, Jacobs & Associates stands at the gate ready to work for you. We represent the best credit repair service in Louisville, KY. Don’t keep falling behind when you could be moving closer to the finish line. WJA believes in a personal approach. You’ll speak with your credit analyst on your first day of the program, and you’ll continue to hear that same voice throughout the journey. You will never feel alone. White, Jacobs & Associates is committed to changing your life through credit. That’s the mission, and its a mission with you at the heart of it.

We understand the frustration that comes with a less-than-great credit score

You want to lead the pack this time. Your plans keep falling through, and opportunities are slipping away by the day. As you attempt to make timely minimum payments and even add the extra where you can, you notice nothing is working. You’re running but running in place, it seems. Finishing last isn’t an option this time. That below-average credit score is holding you back. But it doesn’t have to.

Credit repair designed for loan approval

Maybe you’re in need of a home or auto loan. Perhaps refinancing your home or acquiring a business loan is ideal. You could be interested in better interest rates after years of what seems unfair and impossible. Your credit score must improve if you want to improve your situation. White, Jacobs & Associates will hear you, fight for you, and see you through the race. And we won’t just remove negative/inaccurate items. We are committed to guiding you in how to add positive ones as well, positioning you to succeed beyond the WJA program. Other companies won’t do this. They’ll do the very least that’s required of them. White, Jacobs & Associates delivers the absolute best because we want the absolute best for you. If you have doubts, look at some client results and past reviews.

How quickly will you see results?

Saddle up today with a Credit Authority© you can trust. White, Jacobs & Associates is a credit repair company Louisville can rely on when the need is great. If the thought of sacrifice and commitment terrify you, take comfort in WJA’s straightforward, honest approach: their clients typically starts seeing results in 45-60 days, and the program lasts a maximum 6 months. You’ll never be charged beyond those 180 days, even if your special set of circumstances requires extra attention.

You live in a fast-paced city and world, and White, Jacobs & Associates understands that. We’ll help you on the road to better credit, loan approval, and so much more. With a free consultation, see how WJA can help you today. How? We’re transparent with our process. Read about it here.


White, Jacobs & Associates is a smart first step. We are the credit repair professionals Louisville depends on when trying to fix credit for loan approval, large purchases, or simply enjoying the benefits of great credit. The Derby City deserves an aggressive and affordable credit repair option. The alternative you seek is right here and prepared to assist you on your way to victory.

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