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    Credit Repair Los Angeles

    When you have good credit, life is easy. You can easily buy a car, a home, your interest rates are lower and taking out a loan is often as simple as walking into the bank and asking for one. You do not have to beg or somehow convince lenders that you are trustworthy enough to lend to, because you have a number that tells them that for you.

    credit repair los angeles

    When you have poor credit, however, you will find yourself begging and trying to prove your trustworthiness to lenders. You will be charged a higher interest rate on any loan that you take out, because lenders see you as a higher risk, and therefore, have to make sure that they will make their money back on your loan. While this may not be fair, it is how credit works, and it can ruin your life.

    There is a way to quickly and permanently improve your credit, however, with the best services in credit repair Los Angeles has to offer. You want a company that does more than just send dispute letters to creditors. You need company that will work, day in and day out, with the assistance of practicing attorneys, to improve your credit score.

    How do you know if you can benefit from our services? How do you know if your credit can even be improved? These are questions that every person asks themselves. If you have ever been denied a loan or a purchase because of a low credit score, now is the time to act, and we are the company to help you. Unlike other companies, we don’t just say “Yes, we can help you” without looking at your credit or execute the same action plan for every client. We take real steps to improve your credit, no matter how bad you think your credit is.

    What is a bad credit score?

    Though the average credit score is in between 600 and 750, anything below a 700 can hurt your chances of being able to make big purchases like a home or a car. While there are definitely still people who will lend to those who have a credit score below 700, 600, and even 500, their rates will be much higher than for someone who has what is considered to be a good credit score.

    It can be difficult to know your exact credit score and who a specific company will see and rate your score. Scores do not vary too much from one reporting agency to another. This score is important because it acts as an indication of whether or not you pay your bills, how long you have been using credit, if you have lots of different sources of credit, and what your credit to debit limit is. All of these factors filter through a complex algorithm, into a single number (or set of numbers) that represent how reliable you are as an investment for agencies or companies that extend credit.

    What causes a bad credit score?

    There are plenty of things that can harm your credit. Some of them are obvious. For example, you know that being consistently late on your bills will result in a lowering of your score, because this action makes you look less reliable to companies that are going to extend you a line of credit.

    Other very damaging actions include just not paying your bills and having your account charged off. “Charged off” means that the creditor decides they do not think you are ever going to pay, and they close your account. An account that is sent to collection, defaulting on a loan, declaring bankruptcy, foreclosing on a house, and racking up high balances on your lines of credit are all ways that you can damage your own credit score.

    There are other ways that your score can be damaged, some of which may not even be your fault. Did you know that closing a credit card—even one you do not use and has not balance on it—can hurt your score? This is because that card is removed from your credit history, and shortens it. In addition, having a low debit to credit ratio (less debit than credit or an equal amount), can be damaging.

    But the most damaging thing that can happen to your credit score is a mistake on your credit report. These are not as rare as you think, and they can cause your credit to take a serious hit, even if you have never missed a credit payment. This is why credit repair services are so imperative. Not only can we tell you what actions you need to take to improve your credit habits, we take real action to ensure that mistakes and issues with your credit report are fixed so that you can have the best score possible.

    credit repair los angeles

    Aggressive Alternative for Credit Repair in Los Angeles that improves scores

    It is possible to change a poor credit history. It can take decades to improve a credit score organically, just by paying your bills on time and making sure that you do not default on your loans foreclose on a house. Our aggressive alternative to credit repair that’s driven by our staff attorneys, starts by taking an in depth look at your credit history and determine what improvements can be made.

    Once we have found those areas for improvement, we actually help you take the actions you can take, while taking our own actions, either by coordinating with our staff attorneys or by contacting credit reporting agencies or creditors ourselves, to really improve and repair your credit. We are an aggressive alternative to other Los Angeles credit repair companies that will simply take your money and do nothing proactive to actually improve your rating.

    You already know how difficult it is living with bad credit, whether those things are a result of your own actions or a result of actions or mistakes that others have made. This is why we don’t just hand you a list of improvements to make.

    What makes services different from other Los Angeles Credit Repair Company?

    We endeavor to improve credit scores both noticeably and quickly. If you want to buy a car or a house, you need real results, right now; not in ten years. Making an attempt to pay your bills on time and in is often not enough to convince lenders that they should let you borrow or that they should give you a reasonable rate. This is why we work tirelessly to provide real credit repair, using ethical, legal methods to quickly improve your credit rating.

    Our process isn’t generic like 98% of the companies out there that claim to fix credit. This tired process of sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus is ineffective. Moreover, the credit bureaus will add “in dispute” remarks on your credit report preventing you from making major purchases like buying a home.

    When it comes to credit repair for Los Angeles, there is no company better than ours. If you are struggling with a poor credit score, let us help you improve it. Call today to schedule your evaluation and to get started on the path to an excellent credit score.

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