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With the unemployment rate in Laredo TX being higher than the US average, an excellent credit score may seem like a far-fetched goal. It’s getting increasingly difficult to hold on to your buying power in times of economic downturn. Lenders only make things worse by greedily trying to extract every last cent out of you, but there is a way to stay financially independent in these trying times. We are, of course, talking about the best credit repair Laredo TX has to offer.

The Most Efficient Credit Repair Service in Laredo, Texas

We are White, Jacobs and Associates, and we’re dedicated to providing a credit repair service like no other. Our aim is to be more efficient than all the other credit repair companies in Texas.

If you’ve ever had to deal with an average credit repair agency in Texas, then you know how inefficient and superficial their methods are. Most of them rely on a similar approach to credit repair.

They send automated dispute letters every month and charge you a fee for their “service.” Results are rare or completely non-existent, but they don’t really care about that as long as you’re paying your monthly dues.

White, Jacobs and Associates Does Credit Repair Right

We started White, Jacobs and Associates to provide an efficient alternative to all the inadequate credit restoration services. Our approach is fundamentally different from how other companies do credit repair, which is something we’ll explore down the line.

There are too many inefficient repair companies around that offer nothing more than basic dispute services. You can do that yourself.

Does Repairing Credit Really Work?

When done right and within the law, credit repair really does work. There are several laws that protect you, the consumer, against unfair reporting. These laws dictate what actions you can legally take to repair your credit score, so it’s a service that’s definitely worth pursuing.

However, it’s important to point out that no two clients are the same. Their economic circumstances can vary significantly, and so can their credit history.

When Does Credit Repair Work?

Credit repair works when there are inaccuracies or errors on your credit reports. You won’t find credit repair in Laredo TX (or anywhere else) that can remove accurate negative items on your credit report. Why? Because that’s illegal. If there are accurate negative items on your reports, they stay there until their time is up.

If there’s any kind of error on your credit reports, you have the right to fight it!

Is It Worth Paying a Company to Fix Your Credit?

Financial institutions and collection agencies have people who are proficient at fighting disputes and finding loopholes that allow them to evade dispute attempts. 

You can’t hope to do much on your own against such a well-prepared and experienced opponent. It’s likely you won’t get far and end up wasting quite a bit of your time in the process.

If you want to improve your poor credit score, paying for professional credit repair is a much better alternative. 

Don’t just hire the first credit repair company that comes knocking — research their methods first. It’s really not worth paying someone to send dispute letters instead of you. You can do that yourself.

Should You Try Credit Repair by Yourself?

While you do have the right to try and fix the credit score yourself, we would advise against it. Unless you’re experienced with the credit industry, you’ll have a hard time going up against financial institutions and the experience they have in countering individual disputes. 

Save yourself the stress of fighting the bureaucratic machine and let us do it for you. We have a couple of tricks up our sleeve that really leave your creditors with few choices other than to remove the negative item.

Don’t Hire Just Any Laredo Credit Repair Company

There are too many inefficient and downright scammy companies out there. If a repair company is asking you to pay anything upfront, it’s a good sign it’s a scam. 

Avoid these companies as well as those claiming they can remove negative items. They cannot do that legally!

Instead of running with potential scam artists, put your faith in White, Jacobs and Associates. We get things done, and we get them done right.

Our Take on Credit Repair

Here’s how we do credit repair at White, Jacobs and Associates.

First of all, we don’t just send dispute letters, although that’s part of the process. We rely on a custom 4-round process designed to pressure your creditors into giving in to our demands. As a reminder, everything we do is strictly according to the letter of the law.

There are two main factors that set White, Jacobs and Associates apart from all the incompetent repair agencies out there. 

One, we don’t just send dispute letters — we audit your creditors. And two, we rely on the expertise of our investigative research team. Our investigators will build the gameplan against your creditors should they prove unwilling to cooperate.

That’s how real credit repair Laredo Texas has to offer looks like.

The Efficiency of Audits in Credit Repair

Let’s address one of the most important tools at our disposal — audits. Unlike disputes, audits don’t target inaccurate negative items on your credit reports. 

When we audit your creditors, it means we go after them directly. We demand they prove they had the right to report a negative item in the first place. 

More often than not, they can’t prove a thing and are legally obliged to remove the negative item.

In-House Investigative Research Team

Our Investigative Research (IR) Team consists of experts in the credit repair field. They know all the ins and outs of your credit report and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Investigators are the most dangerous asset we have on our side. They’ll build the the gameplan against your creditors, taking the credit repair process to a whole new level. You need not worry about a thing — they will handle all the communication with your creditors.

Using an Investigative Research Team to escalate the credit repair process is aggressive, but it’s also the key to our success.

Does It Take a Long Time to Get Started?

You’re just one phone call away from getting started. We offer a free consultation with one of our credit analysts. They’ll take a look at your credit reports from each major credit bureau and determine a course of action.

If there’s nothing we can do (which is rare), we’ll be upfront about it. We don’t want to waste your time or money

How Long Does Credit Repair Laredo Take?

At White, Jacobs and Associates credit repair never takes more than six months. In fact, you’ll likely see the first results as early as 45-60 days into the program. Some of our clients got positive results even sooner than that.

What matters is that we will give you our best estimate as to how long it will take. Other companies just try to keep you in the loop for as long as they can.

Does Credit Repair Hurt Your Score?

The credit repair process does not hurt your credit score. Nothing about credit repair can lead to any kind of dips in your score. When you hire the services of real professionals, your credit score can only go up.

Hard Inquiries Can Hurt Your Score

Hard inquiries, on the other hand, can cost you up to ten points. Most of the time, you’ll see a dip that’s under five points, but you should be aware that it can be much worse than that.

When you apply for a loan or a job, the lender (or your future boss) can pull your credit reports to study your credit history. That’s what’s known as a hard inquiry.

Hard Inquiries Are Cumulative

If your credit score is already quite strong, you won’t even feel the inquiry. You’ll lose less than five points and go on your merry way. But it’s important to remember that hard inquiries can cost you quite a bit since they’re cumulative. You can avoid the penalty if you keep your loan applications to a minimum.

Repair Credit with the Best Company Laredo Texas Has to Offer

Don’t waste a single cent of your hard-earned money on either exorbitant interest rates or amateur credit repair services. 

White, Jacobs and Associates can help you reclaim your buying power with our aggressive and customized approach. All you have to do is talk to us.

Let us know if you’re interested in credit repair, and you’ll get a free consultation with one of our expert credit analysts. Leave the rest to us.

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