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Lake Charles was and remains to this day, one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation. The pride of Louisiana, Lake Charles continues with its steady increase in the job market size. The city has seen a 3.3% job market increase since last year, and it’s expected to surpass the national average in the next ten years. But, if you’ve had recent financial struggles, you might be a candidate for the best credit repair Lake Charles has to offer.

Living in a city with such a growth potential can be demanding. The last thing you want to happen is to lose your buying power right in the middle of an economic boom. And that’s exactly what a low credit score can do to you. With poor score come higher interest rates, and before you know it, you spent way more on a loan than you should have. Or worse, you may not get approved for a loan (or mortgage) at all.

credit repair Lake Charles LA

How to Begin Credit Repair With Our Services in Lake Charles, LA

The odds are you already came across other credit repair companies. If you have, you’re probably regretting ever signing them on. Perhaps you’re still paying them a monthly fee that gets you little results. Our bet is that negative items are still on your credit report despite the “efforts” of the $100-a-month guys you hired.

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we waste no one’s time. We’re the professional credit repair Lake Charles, Louisiana deserves. What we do is get your credit score up to restore your buying power. That’s our mission, and we’re dedicated to it.

The first step to repairing a poor score is putting your faith in us and our services. Unlike traditional credit repair companies that are sending automated dispute letters (that never get you anywhere) – our approach is unique, customized, and aggressive. We won’t back down until you get your results. That’s what WJA is all about.

Why Is A Good Credit Score Important?

Simply put, a good credit score directly affects your buying power. By having a better credit rating, you signal that you’re a debtor who can be trusted. As a result, you’re able to negotiate much better loan terms and pay lower interest rates.

With a decent credit score, you’re more likely to land that car you’ve had your eye on for some time. Or you can get that lovely house for your family and build a better future. Speaking of the future, companies are also interested in the credit score of their potential employees. Want a new credit card? Bank will ask to see your credit report. How about attaining a higher education? Student loans only go to borrowers with good or excellent credit. The list goes on and on.

Suffice it to say that you need a good credit score for almost any serious purchase in your life. Otherwise, you may end up feeling like you’re always just short of reaching your goals.

How WJA Repairs Your Score

Plenty of companies out there seem to think that their paycheck is the only thing that matters. So they take a passive approach, sending automated disputes, and not going much beyond what you could have done yourself. Doing the minimum to keep you paying is their favorite strategy.

At WJA, we don’t sit on our hands, hoping that negative items disappear into thin air. From day one, we go after negative items on your credit in full force. Our relentless investigative research team digs into every little bit of information they can find. That’s only the beginning of our infamous four-step process.

credit repair Lake Charles LA

What Factors Lower Your Score?

Some of the factors that drag your score down include maxed out credit cards, late payments, collection items, or closing credit accounts. Some inquiries into your credit, such as those for the purpose of getting a loan, can also damage your score.

Staying on top of your bill payments will help you out. But we don’t really care about what brought your score low. Anyone can make mistakes, and various unpredictable life events can occur. At White, Jacobs and Associates, we only care about helping you once you get there.

How Does Our 4-Step Credit Repair Process Work in Lake Charles, LA

We approach each client directly and earnestly. As for your creditors and collection agencies, we believe in a far more aggressive strategy. Don’t worry – everything we do is 100% legal. Our aggressive approach is backed by our investigative research team to ensure that.

WJA’s 4-step process is designed to get results. In the first two rounds of the process, our investigative research teams go after all the relative negative items on your three reports. We ask that you send us all correspondence so that we can proceed accordingly.

When it comes to the third and fourth rounds, we have experience responding to the “stall tactics” we usually encounter. To combat this, we craft our replies with various situation-specific verbiage that leverages consumer rights laws.

At the end of the process, you’ll have a cleaner credit report, which leads to a healthier score.

We Get Results

At WJA, we care about our clients. After all, our company was born out of necessity and disdain for the ineffectiveness of the consumer credit services industry. We’re result-oriented people who know what needs to be done in order to get you the score you need.

Our mission is to change your life for the better through credit. At the core of our company is a belief that restoring your buying power is the key to success. Both for you and our society as a whole.

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