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Credit Repair Services in Grand Prairie TX

Grand Prairie TX has an above-average income in comparison to the rest of the United States. But the prices follow suit, which is why you need a perfect credit score to retain your buying power. In other words, you need credit repair services in Grand Prairie, and we provide them.

Who needs credit repair? Everyone with a bad credit score, but especially people looking to get a loan or start a business. 

credit repair Grand Prairie, TX

Bad Credit Affects Millions of Americans

You’re not alone in this — millions of Americans need help getting their credit score in order. It’s a problem that the majority of the people in the US will face at one point or another.

It’s very easy to go down the path of bad credit score. Oftentimes, the cause of your credit decline is something you had little to no control over. And it’s not as easy to improve it again, at least not on your own. 

That’s what a credit repair company does for you. And that’s what our expert credit analysts at White, Jacobs and Associates excel at. If you’re one of the Americans in need of credit repair services in Grand Prairie TX, we can help you. 

Can’t I Repair Credit on My Own?

Legally yes, you absolutely can. You have the right to dispute inaccurate or false items that appear on a credit report. It doesn’t matter which credit bureau’s report it is, you can address the negative items on it.

However, the question of should you do it is a different story altogether. Creditors and financial institutions have entire teams of people whose sole purpose is to shoot down disputes and stop you in your tracks.

Unless you’re a lawyer who knows all the consumer protection laws and have the necessary information and arguments at your fingertips, you’re likely going to lose your case against the creditors.

So, while it’s possible for you to try and dispute all the inaccurate negative items on your reports, it’s not advisable at all.

How Credit Repair Works

Credit repair is, fundamentally, a process of improving your credit score. Your credit score is the deciding factor in whether you’ll get a loan or not, and what the interest rate on that loan’s going to be.

What credit repair companies do is work on removing negative items from your credit reports. That way, the credit report is going to be more favorable by having fewer negative items on it, which will affect the final score.

Usually, credit repair companies remove negative items from your reports by disputing inaccurate items. If there’s been an error or a misrepresentation of any sort, an item is as good as gone.

At least that’s how honest repair companies should operate.

How to Spot a Scam?

As is the case with any other industry out there, there are plenty of scams going on about. Scammers pretend they can get your score up, but in reality, they don’t know the first thing about credit repair.

Luckily, they’re easy to spot. If a “company” insists you pay anything up front, it’s a good sign their intentions are dishonest. Don’t pay any kind of fee for a service that is yet to be rendered.

Another trick to spot scammers is paying attention to how they plan on “solving” your credit problems. if they try to get you to dispute all of the items on your reports instead of just the inaccurate ones, they’re likely a fraud.

The thing about credit repair is that you can only work with inaccurately reported items. No law allows you to dispute an item on your report that’s entirely accurate.

credit repair Grand Prairie, TX

How WJA Does Credit Repair in Grand Prairie, Texas

At White, Jacobs, and Associates, we do credit repair the aggressive way.

You’ve probably noticed that credit repair seems like a slow, passive process. And in most cases, it is!

Other credit repair companies tend to file one dispute after another, slowly burying your creditors in the mail. It’s a process that goes on for months, even years, with exactly zero results.

We don’t do that. In fact, WJA started as a response to all the inefficient credit repair methods you hear about. We were tired of all the lazy dispute letter senders masquerading as credit repair specialists.

We don’t just send dispute letters. We audit your creditors, meaning we check if they had the right to report an item in the first place. As it often turns out, they didn’t, and they have to remove the negative item.

On top of that, we have an in-house law firm that we employ to build a case against your creditors. It might seem too much, but oftentimes, it takes experienced and an aggressive team of lawyers to beat the financial institutions.

They’re experts at this game — but so are we.

Get Professional Grand Prairie Credit Repair Today

Feel free to talk to us. Get on a free call with one of our professional credit counselors, and we’ll get your case sorted out.

It takes an entire team of people to challenge creditors. With White, Jacobs and Associates, that’s exactly what you get. If you’re in Grand Prairie TX and need help with credit, get in touch with us. We can help.

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