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Glendale is one of Arizona’s cities that has seen home appreciation go up recently, so it’s a good time for budding homeowners. It would be a shame if you’d have to sit out on this chance just because of recent economic turmoil. If you’re looking for credit repair in Glendale that will give you an edge in the eyes of lenders, look no further than White, Jacobs and Associates.

Our credit specialists use all tools at their disposal to hike up your credit score considerably, which gives you back your buying power and prepares you for a brighter future ahead.

credit repair Glendale, AZ

Why Choose White, Jacobs and Associates?

A conventional credit repair company goes by an outdated playbook. And that playbook is awfully short – such companies send out automated dispute letters to creditors (something you could do yourself for free), and that’s where they stop, as well.

WJA is the solution you have been looking for. We expand the traditional method effectively – our tactics are alternative and aggressive. When you speak with one of our analysts, they’ll explain in detail our four-round process. Our way of work is devised to hike up your credit score as much as possible in a maximum of six months. At WJA, we know that you are in a hurry to start your life. That’s precisely why we do everything in our might to help you in that mission.

What is a Good Credit Score?

For starters, your credit score is a number that tells creditors and lenders how trustworthy you seem and if you’re able to pay back a loan or credit. It shows up in your credit reports, and it’s a window into your financial history.

The FICO model and VantageScore model are most commonly used to calculate your credit score. Both range from 300 to 850. If your score is above 660, you have a fair score.

The conundrum is that creditors don’t want you to have too high of a score because that affects the interest rate they can give you. So they want to be sure that you can pay them back and that they can charge you a higher interest rate. That is why you need WJA – you need to improve your credit score before taking out a loan.

What Items Affect Your Credit Score?

Your credit balance consists of both positive and negative entries. You get positive points when you meet deadlines for your payments and when you manage revolving credit properly. If you have a good credit utilization ratio (the ratio between your credit card limit and debit card), you are seen as financially responsible.

Negative items on your report bring your credit score down. These negative items can be collections, foreclosures, student loans, late payments, medical collections, bankruptcies – you name it. Sometimes you are at fault; sometimes, you are just a victim of fate who had their loved one pass away or hit hard economic times. Either way that shouldn’t render you financially irresponsible forever. Besides, even credit bureaus and creditors make errors and wrongfully add negative entries to your credit report.

At WJA, we know that each negative entry should be looked at and analyzed in detail because many of them can be removed, which improves your credit score.

credit repair Glendale, AZ

The WJA 4-Round Credit Repair Process

We implement a unique process to our credit repair approach in Glendale. We don’t just go by the books – we assign you a personal credit analyst and use the experience of our investigative research team.

Credit Balance and Creditor Feedback Analysis

We review your credit balance thoroughly and begin contacting collectors and credit bureaus. That is done to get feedback from them and understand why you have those negative entries listed in your credit score.

Removing Negative Items from Your Report

Next, it’s time for the personalized audit created for maximum results. The goal of the audit is to review negative items that stay on your report. That is where we truly begin to stand out from other credit repair companies – we are adamant about getting proof from creditors that those negative entries are lawfully listed on your credit report.

Creditors and collection agencies are rarely challenged this way. So they can get away with many things, such as unlawfully bringing your credit score down. We do not stand for such behavior at WJA, and that’s why we challenge creditors and agencies if needed. That’s when your credit score starts going up – questionable negative entries start disappearing from your balance.

WJA Educates Clients on Adding Positive Credit

While we work on removing unfavorable entries from your balance, we educate you on credit card utilization and other ways you can hike up your credit score. That way, our service becomes an effective long-term method that will further equip you. We want you to seem like a favorable borrower in the eyes of possible future lenders.

How Long Does WJA’s Credit Repair in Glendale Take?

As we have said, expect the whole process to be over in six months. But results starting coming in just 2-3 months – that’s because creditors begin contacting you, nervous because someone challenged their questionable method of operation. Tell them to send everything in the mail. We want to review that for the next round.

On average, your credit score will begin improving in 45-60 days. However, the completion of all 4 rounds does not come to and end until the 6 month mark.

We Get Your Buying Power Back

Don’t let poor credit stand between you and your dreams. Contact us today and book a free consultation. Our team will be upfront – if you’re not a good fit for credit repair, we let you know right away. Otherwise, prepare to see your credit score skyrocket. Thanks to our credit repair in Glendale, we have the fuel that will power your future.

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