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Express Credit Repair Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is doing just fine when compared to the rest of the US. The unemployment rate is fairly low, and the job market is steadily growing. But doing fine is certainly not the same thing as doing amazing, and there’s plenty of room for improvement. That’s where we come in — we’re White, Jacobs and Associates, and credit repair Colorado Springs is what we offer residents of the area.

If you’re wondering about how to take advantage of (and even help) the economic betterment of Colorado Springs, the answer is more buying power. Thanks to our credit repair services, your credit reports will improve, and the interest rates drop. That will lead to you having more money to spend on even more purchases, driving the economy forward. Don’t let creditors and financial institutions pocket your hard-earned cash through exorbitant interest rates. Reclaim your buying power.

credit repair colorado springs CO

What White, Jacobs and Associates Can Do for You

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we take credit repair very seriously. That should be a given, but from our experience with other credit repair companies Colorado Springs has to offer, we have to say that most people just see it as a way to earn easy money.

Other companies tend to treat their clients as cash cows. Their approach to credit repair consists of sending automated dispute letters and charging you a monthly fee for the “service.” They aren’t exactly scammers, but they’re not far from it. You can send dispute letters yourself for free.

WJA frowns upon such strategies. They’re inefficient, scammy, and too passive to produce any real results. Our approach is far more aggressive, involved, and relentless. We fix credit scores by taking care of bad credit histories (late payments, collections, charge-offs, etc.) that credit bureaus take into account when performing a credit score calculation.

And the way we do that is by going after your creditors and auditing them at every turn. We have a skillful team investigative researchers that escalates the process when your creditors are uncooperative.

Finally, we offer education. We teach our clients how to maintain healthy credit scores, positive credit histories, and good credit card balances. All of the above is what makes us the best credit repair Colorado has to offer.

You should also know how to spot a scam. Where there are people in need of help, there are always con artists looking to take advantage. 


How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams?

Credit repair scams are, unfortunately, very frequent. And like all the other cons, they’re very difficult to spot unless you know what to be on the lookout for.

First of all, no legitimate credit repair company will ask you to pay for their services without thoroughly reviewing a tri-merge (all 3 major credit bureaus) credit report. Not looking a recent credit report is like a car mechanic that doesn’t look under the hood. Some companies don’t do this and you should wonder whether hiring such an uninformed business is worth your money.

Secondly, it’s very shady when a credit repair company promises to remove accurately reported information from your credit reports. In reality, the credit repair process is all about removing inaccurate or outdated information. If everything about a negative item on your credit report is correct and up to date, then credit bureaus have every right to report it. 

Finally, you should always get a copy of a contract before you sign it. When you do get your copy, check for clear information about the amount you’re being charged, the services provided, and the correct information about the organization you’re hiring.


Our 4-Round Process

White, Jacobs and Associates was founded in response to all the inadequate amateurs in the industry. Just like many other people out there, we too were tired of inefficient and lackluster credit repair methods.

We decided to do something about it. We brought together an amazing team consisting of an Investigative Research Team and expert credit analysts. And we came up with our 4-round process which is profoundly different from every other company’s methods.

First, we’ll need to see all three of your credit reports from the major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union). That part of the process is pretty much the same in the entire industry, as there’s no repair if we don’t see our clients’ credit scores first.

Once that is out of the way, we initiate the first round of the process. We go after everything relevant on your credit reports and handle all the communication with your creditors and collection agencies. They’ll try to get in contact with you for the purpose of validating your debts, but you’ll just ignore them. Leave all communication to us.

The second round is similar to the first one. Our dispute letters and audits become more specific, and creditors, collection agencies, and credit bureaus will try even harder to get you to validate everything. We’ll coach you on how to handle this, but it’s imperative that you send us all the mail you receive from these institutions.

You should see the initial results of our work by now. Credit scores reflect what’s in your reports. When a negative item goes down, a bad credit score begins to improve.

But there’s still more work to be done. At this point (round three), our audits continue to escalate the process. We’re familiar with the stall tactics used by them. Our Investigative Research (IR) team is our secret weapon, and creditors usually back down once we assert on your behalf. How far we go depends on how well the creditors and collection agencies respond.

In the final round, we launch one more campaign based on any responses we’ve recieved. We also go after the software that creditors and collection agencies use to report items to the bureaus. It’s an error-prone system that’s often the cause of misspelled (and thus incorrect) information.

The best part about our process is that it’s completely customized. We know well enough that each client of ours is different. And so, we adapt our process and tailor it to each person’s needs.


credit repair colorado springs CO

The Difference Between Audits and Disputes

We mentioned we audit your creditors as well, instead of just relying on dispute letters.

The difference between the two is very important. Dispute letters are just that — letters disputing some negative item on your credit reports.

When we audit your creditors, it means we’re asking for proof that they had the right to report some negative item. As you’ve probably guessed, they often don’t have the proof we asked for. Since they can’t prove they had the right to report something to the bureaus, they should remove that item.


Is Credit Repair Legal in Colorado Springs?

Credit repair is legal in the entirety of the United States. It’s also legal for you to attempt credit repair on your own, but that’s not advisable. Creditors and collection agencies are more than capable of fighting individual disputes. It’s a piece of cake to them.

Instead, you should get a team of experts who know everything about all the relevant consumer laws. Some of these laws are:

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA)
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)
  • HIPPA laws.

All of the laws above protect you from unfair reporting, and we can leverage them against creditors.

And just as those laws dictate your rights as a customer, so does Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) ensure you get fair credit repair services. It is a law that prescribes what it is that credit repair services can do for you and how. No legitimate credit repair Colorado company will ask you to waive your CROA guaranteed rights.


When Can You Expect to See Some Results?

When you hire White, Jacobs and Associates, you’re hiring for express results in the near future. At WJA, we’ll give you a clear time frame when you can expect to see results.

Other companies tend to overextend improving their clients’ credit scores because it’s not in their best interest to work fast. Credit histories, poor credit, score improvement — they care about none of those things. They only care about you paying their monthly fees.

With us at your side, you’ll see the first results within 45-60 days of initiating the process. More often than not, our clients get results 2-3 months! And most importantly, we don’t draw out the whole process — it never lasts more than six months.


Colorado Springs Credit Repair Done Right

Don’t fall for the promises of run-of-the-mill credit repair services that twiddle their thumbs while waiting for the results to arrive on their own.

With White, Jacobs and Associates, you’ll get the only Colorado Springs credit repair that matters. Our express services and aggressive methods get real results in a timely manner. We don’t take kindly to creditors who aren’t willing to cooperate.

If you want to see some results yourself, contact our expert credit analysts today for a free consultation. Take the first step on the path to more buying power.

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