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Arizona’s city of Chandler has a population of just over 265,000 that keeps growing year on year. When you combine its increasing population with the uncertainty that comes with any economy – you realize that it’s critical to secure a financial future for yourself and your family. Your credit score is an essential asset in that fight, and White, Jacobs and Associates is here to make sure you get good credit repair in Chandler, AZ.

Repairing your credit means you get your buying power back and becoming more trustworthy to potential lenders and creditors. After all, they are the ones that will approve the loan you need to buy your dream house, lease a car, or any other major financial event that requires evaluation of your reputation as a consumer.

So, why is WJA so adamant about getting your buying power back?

credit repair Chandler AZ

WJA is an Alternative Credit Repair Chandler Company

White, Jacobs and Associates doesn’t go the traditional credit repair route. Conventional credit repair companies don’t genuinely aim to correct your credit score. They just look to stretch out the process long enough to get as much money as they can from you.

A traditional credit repair company in Chandler will take on your case and just send out automated dispute letters to your creditors and bureaus. That has little effect on your life situation.

At WJA, we use an aggressive and alternative approach to fixing your credit score.

After we analyze your credit report, we develop a personalized plan for your financial situation, and we give you a timeframe for our process. Then we move on to sending out the customized letters, but we don’t stop there. We diligently pursue the creditors and lenders, challenging them on questionable negative entries on your report. Our team of investigative researchers knows consumer rights laws and stall tactics used by credit bureaus and creditors, so they audit creditors and lenders. Audits are far more effective than pro forma dispute letters because they ask for concise proof that your credit report’s negative entries are legally listed. So if needed, the pressure is intensified against lenders and collection agencies, as well.

Why Do We Employ Experts?

Our described process has four rounds. The Investigative Research (IR) team members get involved in each of the 4 rounds of our process. That means they customize our communication according to the responses we receive from the credit bureaus and the creditors.

Our Investigative Research (IR) team are a part of our process because many times, negative marks end up on your credit report even though they are unlawful or a result of a mistake. When we press on that matter, creditors and bureaus often remove those entries from your credit report, which improves your credit score.

You may be asking yourself, ‘But how do creditors and bureaus get away with such dodgy business?’ The answer is, unfortunately, simple – everyday people are not well-versed in their consumer rights. At the same time, a traditional credit repair company in Chandler may not be innovating its strategy to approach lenders and credit bureaus in the same way we do it here at White, Jacobs and Associates.

How Bad Credit in Chandler, OK Affects Your Future

Your credit score is a window into your financial history. It appears on your credit report and is a sum of your financial decisions – from your credit card utilization to your payment history.

Having less-than-great credit renders you less favorable for loans – mortgages, refinancing, auto loans, you name it. Even potential landlords and employers may pass you on and pick someone who seems more financially responsible.

That is a pity because there can be many reasons for a poor credit score – maybe you fell behind on student loans, experienced the death of a loved one, or you were forced into bankruptcy. Whichever your case, it’s clear that not every life situation is in our control. WJA knows this, and we don’t think your future should suffer for it.

Even a few points on your FICO and Vantage credit score can make a huge difference – we’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars in loans.

credit repair Chandler AZ

WJA Equips You for Life

We don’t just remove negative items from your credit balance – we teach you how to add positive ones, as well.

Our educational process starts at your first meeting with us, a.k.a. the free consultation with our credit specialist. Apart from reviewing your case and going over each entry in your credit balance, we provide counsel on the correct usage of credit and techniques that you should employ. That way, when our whole process is over, you are better equipped for the future, and you will know how to seem more financially responsible in the eyes of potential lenders. We also provide coaching on credit card debt and installment debt.

How Long Until I See Improvements in My Credit Score and Credit Reports?

When we start our process, creditors and collection agencies become uneasy because they know they won’t just get generic dispute letters. So they may start calling you to validate your debts. We ask that you direct them to communicate with you through regular mail. Other instructions will be given to you during the consultation.

Many of our clients see improvements in their credit situation in as little as 45-60 days. Overall, our process will never take more than six months. You will get a more detailed estimate on the timeframe during your consultation because every situation is different.

Take Control of Your Future Today

White, Jacobs and Associates operates on principles of honesty, expertise, and transparency. We keep you in the know each step of the way. There is an alternative credit repair company in Chandler, and its name is White, Jacobs and Associates. Our team of credit analysts and researchers doesn’t just sit around idly – they bring up your credit score and lead you into a brighter future. Book your free council today and begin anew with WJA.

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