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Champaign, Illinois, is a city with a lot of growth opportunities. It blends urban and natural environments with ease, thanks to its sprawling university campus, festivals, parks, and big tech offices (hello, Yahoo!). If you’re a resident of this city looking to buy a property, or rent a place, you need to consider restoring your credit score. Because when applying for the aforementioned milestones, those with favorable credit scores are seen as more financially responsible. Thankfully, White, Jacobs and Associates offers the best credit repair in Champaign.

The average credit score in Illinois is 716, falling into the ‘good’ category. To be on par with your fellow Illinoisans, you need to have a credit score of at least 660, which is the lower bar for favorable credit scores.

credit repair Champaign IL

How Does Credit Score Affect My Future?

Let’s say you are looking to get approved for a mortgage. The three-digit numbers on your credit reports can impact your plans. Not only can a low number cause a lender to reject you for a loan, but it can also affect the interest rates you get from lenders. You might not think there is a big difference between a 3% and a 4% interest rate on a long-term loan. But the truth is, that can mean a difference in tens of thousands of dollars.

And the same goes for other types of loans. That is why you need proper credit restoration that will set you up for these big life decisions.

Credit Restoration Definition

Credit restoration or credit repair is done by removing negative items from your credit reports and adding positive items which bring up your overall scores.

You can restore your credit score yourself – to some extent. You achieve this by sticking to some tried-and-true principles of financial responsibility. But to really see an impactful difference in your credit reports, you need professionals who are ready to go into detail and deal with the confusing maze of consumer laws. And that’s what White, Jacobs and Associates does in Champaign, IL.

And we do it in 6 months or under, unlike traditional credit restoration agencies.

Why Do Some Credit Repair Agencies Have Such Long Processes?

Traditional credit restoration companies often charge month-to-month with no end in sight – that’s why we call these agencies ‘$100-a-month guys.’ While they claim they want to help you, they actually benefit from you not getting results quickly. The reason is simple – the longer you’re attached to them, the more money they take from you each month.

That is why they employ ineffective strategies. Their favorite thing is mindlessly sending out generic dispute letters (often automated) to the credit bureaus, meaning that they often fail to customize and personalize the communication regarding the specific credit accounts on your reports.

And when they do dispute wrongfully added entries in your credit report, they are not diligent in pursuing the creditors and bureaus in the effort to make them correct these entries.

credit repair Champaign IL

WJA’s Customized Credit Repairing Method

At WJA, we implement an alternative and aggressive approach to credit restoration.

First, our credit analyst consults with you to draft a credit repair strategy customized for your needs. We don’t do things in a generic way like most of our so-called competitors.

Next, we dispute derogatory entries in your credit reports and employ the help of our expert team of Investigative Researchers. They are equipped with consumer rights knowledge and aren’t shy to respond to creditors even after their initial replies.

And finally, we don’t just offer one-off services of credit restoration. After we remove certain negative entries from your report and bring your score up, we teach you how to be financially responsible. We educate you with tips and tricks on how to add positive entries to your report. Some of these tricks involve adding positive tradelines, smart credit utilization, and advice on how to make on-time payments. That way, we set you up for long-term financial success.

Wide Range of Services at White, Jacobs and Associates

At our agency, we deal with an array of poor credit score causes, such as:
● Late payments
● Fraud
● Repossessions
● Collections
● Charged-Off Accounts
● Bankruptcy

We know that we’re not always in control of our fate. Unpleasant and unexpected situations can strike us all. Moreover, we don’t believe that you need to suffer long-term for some mistakes since we all make them at one point or another in our lives.

And even though our methods are aggressive, they are both necessary AND legal. Our Investigative Research (IR) specialists experts in responding to stall tactics from credit bureaus and creditors. They are also familiar with laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), HIPPA laws, and others.

Another upside of our extensive use and knowledge of these laws is the element of surprise. Lenders and credit bureaus that control your credit scores are so used to the lazy ‘strategies’ used by traditional credit repair companies that they often don’t see us coming with our team of professionals.

Get the Best Credit Repair in Champaign, IL Now

At White, Jacobs and Associates, you can book your free consultation anytime. Get the best credit repair in Champaign, instead of handing over your fate to agencies who just send out dispute letters and sit idly as your credit score continues to suffer and the months drag by. Transparent credit restoration methods are only a click away. And your higher credit score? Just 180 days away from you.

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