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If you’re looking to garner approval for a home or auto loan, increase credit score, and/or position yourself to a stronger financial life, continue reading for more about the WJA customized, proven process. We handle general collections, delinquent credit card accounts (charge-offs), late payments, repossessions – and depending on the situation – we also have had success with public records like bankruptcy, foreclosures, and more. We are NOT a typical “repeated dispute letter” company like so many other credit repair companies out there.

credit repair baton rogue

Baton Rouge is certainly a picture of strength when it comes to the U.S. economy. It has so much to offer in the areas of new businesses, education, history, and culture, and its prime location on the Mighty Mississippi makes it a perfect inland port for tankers and Gulf-bound carriers. This ever-developing Louisiana metropolis calls to growing families and independent souls alike. If you’re looking for credit specialists and the best credit repair in Baton Rouge, look no further.

Credit Repair in Baton Rouge Done Differently (and Better)

Impersonal, ineffective dispute letters cast out into the seas of bureaus and creditors aren’t going to put you on the path to better, healthier credit. On the other hand, trusting an experienced group of investigative researchers and working with a passionate credit analyst who listens to your story and understands your personal goals will do exactly that. Your Internet search has likely presented you with many companies advertising a one-stop, credit repair shop. But White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA) actually is the all-inclusive credit repair solution you need. It extends quality credit repair services in Baton Rouge, LA, and goes beyond the commonplace methods traditionally used to increase your credit score.

The cause of bad credit. What happened?

Life is filled with the unexpected, and often we are forced to make moves regarding our credit before we’re fully prepared. In fact, there’s no way we can anticipate changes on the horizon. We make purchases we think we can manage, and then challenges rise up from seemingly nowhere. Relationships (personal and professional) falter or business ventures fall through. You might lose a job and struggle to find work again. Children are born, vehicles need repairs, multiple bills go unpaid, and the list goes on.

Unexpected events and Poor financial decisions can cause your credit score to go down. It happens to many of us. The goal is to get your buying power back. That’s the WJA mission.

Improve Credit to Buy Home or Car

Even as you’re trying to get into a healthy rhythm of paying on time and catching up, the past could be haunting your credit in the form of negative/inaccurate items. This affects your ability to get approved for a new home, refinance, new auto, loan, or the privilege of great interest rates.

Your credit score sticks with you, and right now, you’re probably feeling the weight of it more than ever. Home and auto represent some of the most sought-after loans, but they’re also the most difficult to secure if your credit isn’t in good shape. It could be that your family is growing and you need accommodating, safe transportation for all. Maybe you’ve dreamed of owning a home, and the clock is ticking. You’re stuck, and some days, you feel like you’ll never be able to meet these needs and accomplish your goals. You can’t go on like this, and with White, Jacobs & Associates, you don’t have to.

Raise Credit Score for Home Loan Approval & Better Interest Rates

We’ve established strong relationships mortgage brokers around the nation that trust us to help potential borrowers with their credit situation. They know that our credit restoration process is the “next level” beyond traditional methods. They’re not simply sending dispute letters like other companies. In reality, you can handle that on your own. WJA offers a unique, effective plan, complete with an investigative research team, in-house law firm, and experienced credit analysts to assist you with customized letters, creditor audits, dispute removals, and much more.

Don’t spend a year settling for mediocre credit repair. Companies love to take your money for a task that you’re perfectly capable of accomplishing yourself. Partner with White, Jacobs & Associates today, and see results in as little as 45 to 60 days, up to a maximum duration of 6 months. Spend your hard-earned money on an expertly-devised plan that’s fitted to you, your current credit score, and your goals. With an aggressive, audit-based system and a personal credit analyst who coaches you and cares, you can overcome debt and rejection in 6 months’ time (and usually much sooner than that). And if it takes longer, you won’t be charged. This is your life, after all. WJA realizes that, and they want to help you start living it to the fullest sooner rather than later.

Baton Rouge Credit Repair YOU NEED & DESERVE

Maybe it’s finally time. For too long, it’s been sink or swim. It’s been tough, and you’re tired and ready to move past this, to float, if you will. If you’ve suffered enough, there’s a team of credit repair professionals Baton Rouge can depend on.

White, Jacobs & Associates is committed to working with creditors who are reporting the damaging information that’s appearing on your credit report. Let them be your voice. We’ll determine the best plan of action for your particular journey because a single credit repair solution makes absolutely no sense. WJA is not providing some blanket-letter method, crossing their fingers that they eventually get answers. Our credit histories are as diverse and unique as we ourselves are. WJA is working for you, demanding timely, specific answers to the time-sensitive, specific questions that concern and matter to you.

White, Jacobs & Associates can and will assist with credit repair for Baton Rouge residents. Further, you’ll build a relationship with a credit analyst, and you’ll grow during the process. With our expertise and experience, WJA will guide you toward the credit score and healthy financial life you desire and certainly deserve.

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