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Structured Credit Repair Buffalo NY

The economy of Buffalo has been stagnating for quite a while now, and it isn’t showing signs of getting better. As all major industries slowly abandoned Buffalo, it became obvious that the people will have to take matters into their own hands and help the economy by spending more. However, you can’t effectively spend more money when financial institutions are destroying your buying power with exorbitant interest rates. That’s why you need the top credit repair Buffalo NY has to offer.


Get the Buffalo Credit Repair You Deserve

White, Jacobs and Associates is the answer to all the inefficiencies of the credit repair industry. We started our company to provide an actual repair service that aims to improve bad credit, instead of just capitalizing on people who need help.

Other credit repair agencies don’t really care about getting results. They’ll promise anything to get you into their program, where you’ll spend months on end paying their fees. It’s not in their best interest to get you fast (or any) results. Every other credit repair company is like this — they just send automated dispute letters and take your hard-earned money each month. Suffice it to say that their methods aren’t good enough to improve their clients’ credit scores.

That’s not how we do things at WJA. Our approach is aggressive, structured, and well-organized. Above all, our methods are customizable. We know that every client of ours is different and that repairing their credit might require a personal touch. Among other things, this is how we provide the best Buffalo credit repair.


Do I Really Need Credit Repair?

It all depends on your credit score. All credit bureaus rely on the same credit scoring model called Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) model. Your FICO score may differ from one credit bureau to another, but ever so slightly. It depends on what each bureau’s credit report shows.

FICO grades consumers according to all of the items that show up on their credit reports. Your credit score in FICO ranges from 300 to 850. Scores that go above 740 are considered very good, while the ones above 799 are excellent. Any score below 740 could negatively influence your chances of getting a loan. It can also affect the amount you’re eligible to receive, as well as the interest rates that the creditors will impose.

If your score is below the “very good” mark, you can benefit from credit repair services. Don’t hand over your hard-earned cash to creditors just because of a couple of mistakes in your credit history. We can help you get fair interest rates on all your loans!


What Is Harming My Credit Score?

Now that you know how lenders determine your creditworthiness, it’s time to pinpoint the culprits behind a poor credit score.

According to the FICO model, the biggest fraction of your score (35%) is related to the payment history. If you have any late payments, they might be the largest contributing factor to a bad credit score. Maxed credit cards, insufficient credit lines, and crimes such as identity theft also harm credit scores.


How Credit Repair Companies Work

Depending on what’s ruining your credit history, a credit repair company may be able to help. Some negative items can be fixed directly, others have to stay. That’s because credit repair only applies to inaccurately reported negative items.

If there are mistakes on your credit report or loans you don’t recognize, you could benefit greatly from hiring a credit repair service. The repair company will dispute all of the inaccurate items on your credit reports and try to get them removed. In case of all the legitimate items on your reports, the best a credit repair agency can do is provide you with credit coaching that promotes better financial choices in the future.

However, most credit repair companies don’t provide coaching. Worse yet, they rely solely on automated dispute letters to get the job done. You deserve better credit repair in Buffalo NY.


Buffalo Credit Repair Our Way

At WJA, we don’t just send dispute letters and consider our work complete. We use a structured approach that covers all bases and ensures that you get real results. Our credit repair in Buffalo NY is a 4-stage process that gets increasingly more aggressive towards your creditors. 

Of course, everything we do is entirely legal, and when it comes to credit repair, the law really is on the consumer’s side. That’s something that consumers (and even amateur credit repair agencies) don’t know about.

That’s really what we mean when we say aggressive. We have an in-house law firm that we use to build cases against your creditors. Sometimes, you have to get aggressive to get creditors to back down and respect the law. Otherwise, they’re very eager to find loopholes that allow them to shoot down individual disputes and keep negative items on your reports.

Besides having lawyers on our side, we also audit your creditors. That means we challenge their right to report an item in the first place. More often than not, it’s a strategy that yields results, as creditors usually don’t have the proof that we require. They often turn up empty-handed and have to remove the negative item.


How Much Does Credit Repair Cost?

Our credit repair is affordable and it’s not something we discuss until we know we can help you. We’re very easy to work with and we take your financial situation into consideration.

Other companies demand monthly payments without delivering any results. That can get real expensive real fast. Don’t give in to their demands, especially if they can’t provide a time frame when you can expect to see results. 

We believe that the credit repair cost should not hurt your finances more than it can help them.


Avoiding Credit Repair Scams

Unfortunately, there are many credit repair scams going on, so here are a couple of tips to stay on the safe side.

You never have to pay for credit repair up front. In fact, the law prohibits it. If someone is trying to convince you to pay up before they even see your credit reports, that’s a scam.

Another warning sign is companies that promise to fix all of the negative items on your reports. As we explained, credit repair is about removing inaccurate items from your report. You don’t have the right to try and have accurate items removed. Stay away from Buffalo credit repair companies like these.


Get Your Buying Power Back with Our Help

White, Jacobs and Associates has the means and the know-how to restore your credit. We provide the best credit repair services Buffalo NY has to offer.

Give us a call today to get a free consultation! You’ll have your own credit consultant for the duration of the process. It’s time to get your buying power back.

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