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I have guided countless clients through the confusing finance process and – with the power of our team – there is no problem too hard to solve!

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A Bit About Me

With extensive experience in the financial field, I take a hands on approach with my clients and walk them through the credit restoration and/or mortgage approval process, which is something I find incredibly rewarding. I enjoy being a part of their journey and I feel emotionally invested in their success. Building a relationship and assisting consumers with the purchasing of a vehicle or a new house is like no other feeling I have felt. When they succeed than I succeed as well.

It’s easy to wake up and be excited about work. Why? I’m in the credit repair industry. While that doesn’t sound glamorous to some, for me, it’s deeply rewarding. Every day, I’m making a difference. Every day, my clients get closer to better credit and lifestyles they’ve dreamed of.

Suddenly, you’re not only reaching for dreams of a new home, much-needed SUV, or lower interest rate. After 6 months (often less), those dreams are possible and coming true.

Priscilla G.

Credit repair is not something I thought I would ever need. When I lost my job 2 years ago, it did some damage to my credit. When I tried to fix my credit score on my own, I didn’t have much luck. After doing some online research I found that White Jacobs. Their audit-based program is different. I got approved for my new home at a great interest rate. Thank you WJA!

Jim T.

Just wanted express my satisfaction with White, Jacobs and Associates. My score was in the low 500s and ended up in the mid 600s with all three credit bureaus. I knew which accounts would likely come off (and which ones wouldn’t) because they set the right expectations. I would recommend these guys to everyone I know. As long as you follow some simple steps, they’ll take care of the rest.

Gabriella H.

I appreciated that Austin was always available as a point of contact during the entire process. If I had a question, he would get back to me quickly. If he didn’t know the answer, he would research and then call me back. I loved that. It’s clear that he was 100% committed to doing everything he could to help me.

Tobias W.

After trying another credit repair company for about a year, I decided to give White Jacobs a try. They removed several items from my credit report that I was never able to remove with the other guys. I should have hired WJA from the start, but at least my story had a happy ending. Thank you guys!

I care about your credit.

Austin Hickey – Credit Analyst

I can help you raise your credit score. If you’re a good fit for our program, I’ll be your credit analyst (aka coach), take care of negative/inaccurate items reporting on your profile, and show you how to manage your credit. On average, clients see results in 30-45 days.

You’ll get me every time you call. You’ll hear my voice. You’ll receive updates and check-ins from my email. You’ll lean on my experience and benefit from my guidance. You’ll also be able to tell I love my career. And in the end, we’ll both celebrate how far you’ve come and the bright future you’re headed toward.
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