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I am a Credit Analyst, but Credit Education is my niche. My goal is to educate mortgage professionals about credit, and credit building tools and strategies that I’ve acquired after extensive research.

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A Bit About Me

I love seeing people succeed and being a part of a team that makes that happen, that is why I came up with my Credit Education Training. If all resources, tools and strategies are exhausted and a client still cannot close in on a home loan, I’d like to be a resource to handle the situation from there.

As a competitive person at heart I love winning and hate losing, therefore I am very strategic with any client I take on for credit restoration. I like to consider myself an aggressive “personal trainer of credit” for my clients as it is necessary to have such an approach to ensure success.

My goal is to help mortgage professionals close on a home WITHOUT needing to enroll their clients in a credit restoration program. I’m not trying to hold anyone back from closing a deal, whether it’s the Loan Officer, the Realtor, the Seller or the Builder etc. From experience I have realized a lot of Mortgage Professionals are unaware of the 10 FICO score codes that can be satisfied in 30 days or less. In my Credit Educations Training I teach potential partners what those codes are and how to satisfy those using proven methods.

Rachel M.

Zach was such a good help! I wish I wouldve listened to him sooner about leaving Lexington Law, they do absolutely nothing but take your money. WJA will help before you even pay by giving you information up front if you really need them or not!

Lauren R.

Zach Sandoval was awesome! He had answered every question that I had and squished any doubts I had about it being a waste of time and money. I never felt pressured into joining the program and even waited a little on using them just in case I found something else, but Zach had been so pleasant and knowledgeable about everything I knew they where going to be the right place to go.

John P.

I don’t even know where to start! When I first started I had about 15k dollars worth of negative items on my credit report and they took it all off! Zach Sandoval has been great and has communicated consistently on the status of my credit. Everything has been great and my wife and I are finally going to get approved for our first home!

Leticia G.

They deleted 26 accts or more off my credit. I have no regrets choosing Zach and the White Jacobs Team. Zach was really helpful on everything. He will keep you updated on progress and what you need to do get it your score going. Thanks again Zach!

I care about my clients’ credit.

Zachary Sandoval – Credit Analyst

My title is “credit analyst.” I take pride in that, but I’ll also be your coach. The voice you hear whenever you call. I’ll be your teammate in this credit repair endeavor, helping you establish positive lines of credit. Our other crew members? An investigative research team and an in-house lawyer, engaging in a proven 4-round audit process that focuses on deleting your negative and inaccurate items. We lean on acts of Congress and federal laws, and this system yields results. My clients usually begin seeing those results in as little as 30 days.

What we’re doing isn’t the traditional method. Why? Because that doesn’t work anymore. There are plenty of scams out there that will try to convince you otherwise. But our aggressive approach is the new and improved way.

I’ve made credit repair my career. And I can’t wait to make you a valued client and change your life through credit. Don’t wait any longer. I’m ready whenever you are.

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