Steve Tansey

My goal is to make credit simple for my clients and to educate them through the WJA credit repair process. I use real-world examples (and a bit of humor) to make credit easy to understand.


A Bit About Me

I have 14 years of experience in finance and 10 years in credit repair. I have personally assisted thousands of clients get into homes, refinance, quality for loans and large purchases – or just getting their credit to a better place for the future.

Even though I work directly with clients, I also partner with loan officers, realtors, bankers and mortgage brokers throughout the country.

With a proven system of re-establishing new positive lines of credit combined with our in-house law firm’s proven method of implementing audits and enforcing Federal laws and Acts of Congress, I have helped a multitude of clients create a way out of what they thought was a no-way out situation.

I work with Serious Clients who want Serious Results.

Lacey C.

Steve Tansy is awesome! So very helpful, kind, and straightforward. I was unsure how we would go about getting my credit repaired, but he cleared up all fears and questions I had! The process was painless and I am completely BLOWN AWAY by the results!

Kinney B.

Within 6 months Steve worked me up to a high score of 736 with my lowest of 661. I was able to purchase a new vehicle and am closing on my house on Oct. 30. The cost of Steve’s service was the best money I could have spent.

Cheryl R.

OMG, this man is amazing (Steve Tansey). He answered all of my questions. He’s the real deal and he didn’t rip me off. Steve will tell you the truth – even if it’s difficult. This man is top notch and knows how to repair credit and more.

Jason W.

I had spoken to other attorneys about resolution only to be met with ‘Maybe, Probably, and likelys’. These were much cheaper but I was unwilling to deal with someone who had no spine or faith in their own work. But, after just a few minutes of speaking with Steve Tansey it was green lights.

Deric H.

I really thought credit repair was a scam but after a month I saw my first major jump in my credit scores. I am a believer now and I would recommend Steve Tansey and his team to anyone who requires credit help.

I make credit simple

Professor Credit

Everyday I get up and get excited about changing people’s lives through credit restoration. I’m proud of my investigative research team and in-house lawyer that allow me to feel confident in serving my clients. But more importantly, I’m grateful and blessed to be able to coach my clients so they can maintain strong credit for the rest of their lives.

If you’re a person who has had financial trouble in the past and need to raise your score – we need to talk.

If you work in the mortgage industry and you have clients that you cannot help due to credit – we need to talk

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