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    Reuben Boxley

    Reuben is a veteran in the credit & mortgage industry. With 15 years combined experience (10 years in mortgage and 5 years in credit) he is not only knowledgeable, but he also understands the real-world implications and solutions to better assist his clients.


    A Bit About Me

    Outside of work, I volunteer as a youth athletics coach and financial counseling to underprivileged youth.

    I’ve made credit repair my career, and I go to work every day doing something I love. It’s deeply rewarding to celebrate with clients as negative items on their credit reports fall away. Their scores rise, and I see them finally purchasing dream homes and automobiles for their growing families.

    I’ve built great relationships in the mortgage industry and with the crew here at WJA. I’m energized when I know our aggressive 6-month, 4-round audit process will make a difference for someone who’s tired of rejection. I think of how our in-house attorney and investigative researchers enforce acts of Congress and federal laws. It’s a powerful, personalized program. We remove derogatory/inaccurate marks, and we coach clients in re-establishing positive lines of credit.

    Stanley M.

    So grateful for Reuben and his team! Last month, he helped me with my home purchase and it could not have gone any smoother! Smart guy! My score is now in the 700s and my purchasing options are wide open. All thanks to this man! Five stars!

    Diana B.

    Reuben took the time to speak to me and analyze my credit in detail. He then called and explained all that he could do to remove negative items on my report. I have been in the program for 2 months and my credit score is in the high 680’s. Thanks to Reuben and his team, I will be able to purchase a new home in the near future.

    Keith H.

    Reuben was very honest with me about what he thought could happen with my situation and flat out told me that my repossession from last year would likely not be removed from my credit history because it was too new. I had some other things that I wanted off and figured it would be worth the money to see what they could do. Turns out the repossession was one of the first things that came off of my Equifax report in the first 45 days! I have used CreditRepair.com several years back and was with them for two years trying to clean some minor things off of my credit and got nowhere. Thanks Reuben!

    Julia L.

    A very BIG thank you to Reuben for being an outstanding credit analyst. I was a bit hesitant at first but within the first 60 days I saw major improvement. More importantly, he has guided me in improving my credit for the long-term as well. I now have great credit and I’m on my way to excellent credit!

    I care about your credit.

    Reuben Boxley – Credit Analyst

    Our system gets results. And my clients know me by name. I’m with them from day one onward.

    Traditional credit repair isn’t working anymore. We’re offering something different. I hope you’ll reach out and hear about our alternative approach. I’m thankful I can help clients and help them quickly. The WJA team makes that possible. All of us here understand that your credit is affecting you and your loved ones. Maybe you’ve struggled financially for long enough and need some 1-on-1 coaching. I’m here. Maybe you’re a mortgage professional, tired of turning business away due to poor credit. I’m here. Let’s get started in a brighter direction today!

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