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Working directly with struggling consumers to overcome their current credit situations with our hyper-aggressive 180 day, multi-round legal audit process of deleting negative/inaccurate items from credit reports, re-establishing new positive lines of credit, and our in-house law firm’s proven method of implementing audits and enforcing Federal laws and Acts of Congress, I have helped countless clients create a way out of what they thought was a no-way out situation.

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A Bit About Me

Over the course of my work and professional career, I found that the most rewarding times have been in helping people. Whether it was the years I spent as a business owner or my career in investments and insurance, I came to realize that my passion has been in helping people to reach their goals. Through the partnerships I have established with mortgage loan officers all across the country, I am able to get their clients approved for home loans that they couldn’t before due to credit scores that were too low.

With an aggressive alternative to traditional credit repair, I’m able to guarantee results in 6 months or less. WJA’s in-house attorney and investigative research team make all the difference. As I coach my clients and assist them in re-establishing positive lines of credit, that powerful duo engages in a 4-round audit process. They take credit acts and laws seriously, and they enforce them to get the lasting results you’re looking for. You’ve got a lot of passionate people on your side when you agree to partner with us.

Janice P.

Everyone was telling me that credit repair didn’t work. But after doing some research, I discovered that WJA doesn’t do “traditional” credit repair. Their audit-based program makes all the difference. I was able to get approved for a mortgage at a good interest rate. Thank you WJA!

Daniel O.

I would recommend these guys to everyone in my family. The only thing I had to do was send in results and they took care of the rest. My score started in the mid-500s and ended up in the high-600s with all three (3) credit bureaus. I had a GREAT experience working with White, Jacobs and Associates.

Oscar T.

The thing I liked most was that Jared was the ONE POINT of contact during the entire process. If I had a question, he would answer it. If he didn’t know the answer, he would find out for me. I loved that. It felt like he was fully invested in my success.

Candi W.

After trying Lexington Law for several months, I decided to give WJA a shot. They removed items from my credit report that I was never able to get off with the other guys. So much money wasted! I should have hired WJA from the beginning.

I care about your credit.

Jared Briscoe – Credit Analyst

WJA represents the aggressive alternative to traditional credit restoration. I like to think of us as a breath of fresh air and the new method that actually works. There are plenty of scams out there, charging a hundred bucks a month indefinitely. In reality, they’re dispute services. You could do the “work” they do by yourself.

You’re in the right place right now. Together with an investigative research team and in-house attorney, I’ll coach you. My clients typically see results in 30-45 days.

The program here will last 6 months or less. At WJA, we know and enforce credit acts and laws. We audit bureaus in a 4-round process, and we delete negative and inaccurate items for good. It’s a customized approach, and I’ve seen it work for my clients. If raising your credit score is a dream of yours, call me. Let’s make that dream come true.

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