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    David Crawford

    With a proven, successful track record in personal finance, debt settlement and credit restoration, I am your main point of contact for all of your financial needs. With the business relationships I’ve established over the last decade, I have the resources necessary to get the majority of my clients qualified for mortgage, car and personal loans within a very reasonable time frame.


    A Bit About Me

    I passed the National Mortgage Licensing System testing in 2015 with the intention to further educate and equip myself with additional tools to assist potential clients in their pursuit of homeownership. When that knowledge works in conjunction with my previous background in debt management, credit analysis and finance, I have the knowledge, tools and resources to turn what was just a dream into a reality. After all, a dream without a plan is just a wish.

    I’ve had multiple jobs in my life, but in credit repair, I’ve found a career. My calling. A purpose in which I assist others as they achieve their financial and personal goals. I tell my kids that my work is a big deal. And I mean it. The status of your buying power is a huge deal.

    I understand poor credit is overwhelming. And it can certainly be a stumbling block in many instances. Every time you get ready to make a move on a new home, car, or other major investment, your bad credit score is there to press pause. But I can help you overcome it.

    If there’s a single lesson that life has taught us is that wishing doesn’t make it so. Work with me to create a plan that brings forth a reality that is beyond your imagination.

    Ralph D.

    Extraordinary experience with this company. My wife and I enrolled to fix our credit scores and our goal was to buy a home, we were amazed by the results and professionalism from David. Not all of our negative items were deleted; however they were able to still boost our scores by over 100 points. White Jacobs was very open and honest with us about what we should expect. They work quickly with the plan they put in place. Additional work was needed and we were not charged anything additional. Overall we had 14 out of 18 negative items deleted. Could not recommend them more! Best financial decision we made was to trust in David and WJA.

    Andy P.

    David is the best out there and is the expert. With him, you’ll see results at a price that is affordable. I have some resources on my end that I can use to help, but it’s not guaranteed and the time frame is up in the air. I’d rather refer you to an expert that’ll be timely and affordable because it will be worth it.

    Farooq A.

    Hands-down the most talented company I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. I was not only impressed with the final outcome, my score jumping 150+ points on all 3 bureaus, the whole program was so professional and I’m so taken back by how smoothly everything went. Every time I called or texted I got a response from my rep right away. David went above and beyond for me. I could tell he truly cared about the outcome more than the money I was paying him. You will not find better results anywhere else. Trust me, I tried 4 different companies before going with David and White Jacobs and Associates. The money is worth it with this company.

    Jill W.

    Great company & great service every time! David Crawford has helped several of my buyers get their credit repaired in order to qualify for a mortgage loan & purchase a home. I definitely recommend them & will continue to use their services. I’ve tried others in the past & they don’t even compare. They are a company that not only you can trust, but that will get the job done.

    I care about your credit.

    David Crawford – Credit Analyst

    Consider me a credit coach. I will be your guide in the proven WJA aggressive alternative to traditional credit restoration. Aside from me, you’ll also have an investigative research team and an in-house attorney leaning on acts of Congress and federal credit laws as they engage in a 4-round audit process. Together, we’re a force. And the results speak for themselves.

    If you’re curious, most complete the program in 3 months. They actually see results in 30-45 days! I’d love to have you as another one of my clients in a long line of successful, life-changing cases. If you’re working in the mortgage industry, I’d appreciate hearing from you as well.

    The journey is different for everyone. I’m dedicated to customizing a game plan specifically for you. I like to put a personal stamp on credit repair. Let’s be in touch soon. Let’s take the first step in getting your buying power back.

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