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Thank you White, Jacobs and Associate's for taking care of me and my concerns.

- Constane H. March 28, 2018

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– Free Credit Analysis –

Our attorney powered credit repair service is not for everyone. A free credit analysis lets us know if we can help or not.

– Customized Plan-

We will build a customized plan of action if we’re confident we can help you reach your goal.

– 1-on-1 Credit Analyst –

You will work with the same Credit Analyst for the duration of the program. This ensures your success!

We Can Help With…..

When it’s time to make changes you need a Credit Authority©. You need a knowledgeable company that has attorneys on staff, to help you with those creditors that will not listen to the little guy.

  • Charge Offs
  • Bankruptcy
  • Collections
  • Late Payments
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Debt Settlement
  • Re-establish Credit
  • Credit Coaching
  • Student Loans
  • Dispute Code Removal


WJA works in conjunction with an in-house law firm to help fix your credit rating through our credit restoration plans.

  • We use Attorney Based Audits in our program.
  • We offer Attorney Backed Debt Settlement services.
  • We can refer our clients to the law firm for more difficult issues.

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Thank you White, Jacobs and Associate's for taking care of me and my concerns.

- Constane H.

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Credit Repair

credit repair miami

Miami is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the US. The Miami economy is financially interlinked with the tourist industry and is growing every day. Because of this, housing and living expenses in the city have grown steadily and are at very high levels today. In such a scenario, having a bad credit history can be devastating. If you have a bad credit score, White, Jacobs & Associates for credit repair in Miami would be the only choice for leading a good and stress free life.

It is important to understand why a good credit score is a necessity for any person. A person’s credit worthiness is measured by his credit score. There are various factors that are taken into account while calculating this three digit number. Some of these include a person’s past history of paying bills, whether they were paid fully, whether the bills were paid on time, number of credit cards are owned, number of bank accounts owned, and so on. The higher a credit score, the better the chance that the person will pay his loans completely and on time. In order to get any new loans or get loans at a preferential interest rate, it is essential to have a good credit score. It is a vicious cycle and difficult to get out of once you are stuck in it.

Most people understand the value of having a good credit score later in life when the damage is already done. They are already past due on their credit card payments. They may be delayed on their mortgage payments. They would have bills piling up and are simply not able to keep up with their creditors. In such a scenario, Miami credit repair by a reputed company like White, Jacobs & Associates can mean the difference between being on the street and living a stress free life.

There are several ways in which White, Jacobs & Associates can help people in Miami with credit repair. They offer a no cost credit evaluation, where they will pull your credit score and let you know what kind of situation you are in regarding your credit history. They will also provide with a customized detailed plan of action based on your current credit profile and goals.

Once you sign up to have your credit repaired, their experienced analyst and staff attorneys will discuss with you various strategies for fixing your finances. They create a plan to lower and manage existing debts. They will suggest shifting loans from higher interest rates to lower ones.

White, Jacobs & Associates analyst and staff attorneys will go through your credit history with you line by line and ensure that if there are any false or disputed entries, they are removed. This will have the biggest impact on the credit score and will happen within in a month or so.

miami credit repair

Aggressive Alternative for Credit Repair in Miami

Their analyst will have many common sense suggestions which you can implement right away. White, Jacobs & Associates works with many banks and credit card companies that believe in giving people with bad credit history a second chance. Their analyst will help you open loan and savings accounts with them and coach you on how to manage finances better going forward. With the years of experience gained by working with clients in different situations, we have seen it all.

There are many things that a person can do to take control of your financial situation. However, sometimes, everyone needs a little help or push to manage their situation better. White, Jacobs & Associates credit repair Miami services can do that for you and guide you towards achieving financial freedom.

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Free Credit Analysis

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