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    Connor Kreunen

    What excites me about my work is being able to support and mentor someone so that they no longer need me. Everybody gets knocked down, but I want to help them get back up, and move forward, better than before!


    A Bit About Me

    Having played sports throughout my life, I’ve learnt many life skills that translate into my work. I’ve learnt how to be an effective communicator, to be coachable and coach others, and how to dig down deep to never give up. Often people are afraid to ask for help or have been hurt before because of failure. I completely understand this, especially when it comes to credit.

    Having moved from Cape Town, South Africa to the United States, I had to learn how to build my own credit score up, from a score of 0. Over the years, I have learned what it takes, and I will be there every step of the way with my clients so that they are confident in the progress we will be making together. Our in-house investigative research team gives me the support and confidence to help my clients with their individualized and custom made plan of action.

    Don’t be afraid to take that first step to improving your credit, and getting your life back. Call me for a free consultation, today.

    Hilary F.

    I had my doubts about reaching out to a credit repair company. I knew I could do my own disputes. But I did a little digging and I found that White Jacobs doesn’t do typical “dispute letters” credit repair. Their audit-based program is different. I got approved for my new home at a great interest rate. Thank you WJA!

    Frank W.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m very satisfied with White, Jacobs and Associates. My score was in the 500s and ended up in the 600s with all three (3) credit bureaus. One by one, the items started coming off. I would recommend these guys to everyone I know. As long as you follow instructions with sending in results, they’ll take care of the rest.

    Myra S.

    I appreciated that Connor was always available as a point of contact during the entire process. If I had a question, he would get back to me quickly. If he didn’t know the answer, he would research and then call me back. I loved that. It’s clear that he was 100% committed to doing everything he could to help me.

    Marsha L.

    After trying another credit repair company for several months, I decided to give White Jacobs a try. They removed several items from my credit report that I was never able to remove with the other guys. I should have hired WJA from the start. But at least my story had a happy ending. Thank you guys!

    I care about your credit.

    Connor Kreunen – Credit Analyst

    We’re not like traditional dispute services, which comprise most of the credit restoration industry. We’re different. I’m pretty proud of that.

    If you’re my client, I’ll give you the game plan from the start. I’m going to present you with a timeline and explain how everything works in-depth. Anytime you have questions or concerns, you’ll talk to me. (Not an inexperienced customer service rep.) I’ll know your story – where you’ve been and where you want to be. It’s likely you’ll begin seeing results in 30-45 days. Best of all, these results last. We guarantee that.

    I can coach you. I’ve helped so many people transform their credit score and get their desired homes, cars, interest rates, and more. I sincerely hope you’ll give me a call. Let’s talk about how things can change for the better.

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