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My main mission is to provide excellent customer service to all my clients. I help them get their buying power back through the establishment of tradelines, credit coaching, and developing long-term habits for better credit.

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A Bit About Me

My experience is extensive in the financial industry. Specifically, I’ve worked in the auto industry, Real Estate, and Mortgage & Debt Settlement. What that means for my clients is that I have over 20 years developing my abilities as a Credit Analyst and Credit Restoration Expert.

Every day, I come to work with a mission: to help people. Credit repair is my career, and it’s where my passion lies. It’s hard to top the feeling of helping someone close on a new home or finally secure the auto loan their family needs. I love working with mortgage professionals who are tired of losing business because of bad credit.

My work matters. I know it does, and every day, I show up ready to make a real difference.

Brianca H.

I admit I was doubtful. But after researching online, I found that WJA doesn’t do typical “dispute letters” credit repair. Their audit-based program makes all the difference. I got approved for my refinance at a great interest rate. Thank you WJA!

Stacy P.

I had an OUTSTANDING experience with White, Jacobs and Associates. My score started in the 500s and ended up in the 600s with all three (3) credit bureaus. Little by little, they got items removed. I would recommend these guys to everyone I know. There was some work involved I had to send them stuff I got in the mail, but that was easy. They took care of the rest.

John B.

I loved that Chris was always available as a point of contact during the entire process. If I had a question, he would answer it. If he didn’t know the answer, he would find out for me. I loved that. It’s clear that he was 100% committed to doing everything he could to help me.

Sophia M.

After trying MSI Credit for several months, I decided to give WJA a try. They removed items from my credit report that I was never able to remove with the other guys. So much time (and money) wasted! I should have hired WJA from the start.

I care about your credit.

Chris Coker – Credit Analyst

I’m an experienced credit analyst, and I can be your credit coach. If you work with me, I’ll be the voice you hear anytime you call. You’ll see my name in email correspondence. It’s all part of the personalized and customized aggressive approach here at WJA.

Ready to see results in 180 days? I thought you would be. Want to know how we do it? I’ll give you the scoop. You’ll work with me, but behind the scenes, our investigative research team and in-house law office engage in a 4-round audit process. They’re dedicated to deleting your negative and inaccurate items as they enforce credit acts and laws on your behalf. As your credit coach, I’ll help you re-establish positive lines of credit. Together, we’ll raise your score.

Don’t fall for the scams. And don’t trust unreliable sources like Credit Karma and the like. They’re a waste of time and money. Repair credit the right way. It’s a tedious undertaking, but with the best partners, you can see the change you’ve longed for. Let me help. Let’s talk about getting started today.

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