Chelsea Le

Credit Consultant & Coach

Known for her upbeat personality and a strong dedication to her clients, Chelsea has a huge passion for helping people win! She understands the negative impact of credit issues and the positive benefits of credit restoration. That is why she goes the extra mile to investigate credit reports and determine what can be done.

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A Bit About Me

I have over 5 years of experience in credit restoration and coaching. I am passionate about my career and my clients! The biggest thing I have learned about my industry is how TABOO credit can be – very few people are willing to discuss it. That is why I have made it my mission to provide tips and debunk myths regarding credit. I have learned that preparation is KEY!

My goal is to educate and equip my clients with tools and techniques that will prepare them for the future so that credit issues are a thing of the past. When you have good credit, it is one less stress to worry about. When tough times come or an emergency arises, you can fall back on your good credit! My clientele consist of people who are wanting to refinance their home or auto loans, first time home buyers, or those who have good credit scores that are still 10-20 points shy of breaking into a lower interest rate bracket and saving thousands of dollars!

I also partner with mortgage professionals across the country and assist their clients in getting mortgage pre-appoval letters. Whatever the situation, there is always HOPE for better credit. With WJA, our attorneys, & our custom approach anything is possible if you want it!

J. King

I highly recommend Ms. Chelsea Le! She is very professional and takes the time to help her clients achieve their goals, this creates a win-win-win! I’ve referred several of my clients to Chelsea because I know they are in good hands with her and the team at WJA.

Lawanda J.

Chelsea Le with White & Jacobs is a GREAT representation of what excellence, support, and understanding is! Chelsea helped me to regain hope in establishing Good Credit! She was honest, helpful, and consistent with my credit plan. With her support My credit score went up 180 points! My overall goal was to qualify for a home loan and I qualified within 6 months! I recommend Chelsea of White and Jacobs for your Credit Goals!

Gonzo M.

From the very start this company and Chelsea Lee as one of their professional credit consultants treated me with the most respect and I felt like family from the get go. Not only was my credit out of hand but I had a large amount of debt and even though I was over seas servicing our country in Japan she was always keeping in great communication with me and with little effort on my end because she did all the hard work was I able to not only get rid of debt but also I now have a credit score in the 700s and it continues growing everyday. Thank you so much for the great customer service and being amazing and professional I will definitely be referring this company and it’s representatives to my friends and family. Look forward to using the service and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Joshua L.

There is only one way to start this off and that’s by saying this company has changed my life for the best. I currently work in Iraq but that doesn’t stop Chelsea and the team from taking great care of me. At first i thought it would be kind of a hassle because i’m overseas. The different time zone did not stop Chelsea from providing excellent communication, important information, and updates on my case. My credit score was at a 529 when i stared the process. As of today, i am currently at a 711 score!!!! Im only at the halfway point in the whole process. I cant wait to see the end result and the doors that open. So i would like to thank Chelsea for her kindness, and always keeping me in the knowing. I would refer anybody to WJ&A.

I care about your credit.

Chelsea Le

I am committed to designing a customized game plan for you. Your credit is like your fingerprints – unique and one of a kind – and should be treated as such.

With WJA, you will reach your goal in 6 months or less and begin to see improvement in as little as 30-45 days. Our approach is aggressive and consistent. I coach my clients from beginning to end as they re-establish positive lines of credit and am backed by an in-house attorney and investigative research team. They execute a 4-round audit process, enforcing credit laws to cause negative/inaccurate items to be removed from your credit report.

Do not let opportunities keep passing you by. That dream or goal you have is still very possible! Contact me and LET’S GET STARTED!

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