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I help people who have been turned down for a loan based on their credit by educating, coaching and forming a plan of attack to get them back on the right track.

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A Bit About Me

Division 1 baseball has exposed me to many different environments, people, and cultures, and taught me many life lessons that I now apply to my career as a Consumer Credit Analyst here at White Jacobs. In life, you are going to get knocked down many a time. One of my strengths, is not only will I get right back up, but I adapt and will never give up fighting for my clients.

Each day, I commit to helping struggling consumers, as well as professionals in the mortgage industry. I want to see deserving individuals in dream homes and cars, and with better interest rates. I have enough experience in credit repair to know it’s a rather complex and daunting endeavor on your own. If you want to see results in 180 days, you can count on me to guide you.

And seriously. It’ll be me you talk to. From start to finish. Whenever you have questions or need advice, I’ll be the voice that answers. I’m grateful for WJA’s in-house law firm and investigative research team. Their 4-round audit process deletes your negative/inaccurate items, and it gives me confidence as I help you re-establish positive lines of credit. Individualized, personalized, customized – any way you slice it, we’re working on your behalf until you hold results in your hands.

Joseph P.

So grateful for Austin and his team! Last month, he helped me with getting approved for a mortgage and it could not have gone any smoother! Smart guy! My score is still rising and my options are wide open. All thanks to this man! Five stars!

Chelsea K.

Austin was extremely patient and analyzed my credit in detail. He then called and explained all that he could do to remove negative items on my report. I have been in the program for about 3 months and my credit score has gone up over 100 points. Thanks to Austin and his team, I will be able to refinance my home very soon. 

Christopher D.

Austin was upfront with me about my situation and flat out told me that my charge-off from last year would likely not be removed from my credit history because it was too new. But,  I had some other negative items that would likely come off – so I decided to give it a shot. Turns out the charge-off was one of the first things that came off of my Experian report in the first 60 days! I have used several years back and was with them for two years trying to clean some minor things off of my credit and got nowhere. Thanks Austin!

Tonya W.

A HUGE thank you to Austin for being an outstanding credit analyst. I was a bit hesitant at first but within the first 2 months I saw major improvement. More importantly, he has guided me in improving my credit for the long-term as well. I now have great credit and I’m on my way to excellent credit!

I care about your credit.

Austin Garcia – Credit Analyst

Together, we can change your bad credit. You’ll meet with a personal approach and coach (that’s me).

If you’ve given up, rethink that decision. If you’ve been burned by credit scams out there, understand we’re different. If you’re in the mortgage industry, don’t let poor credit keep cheating you out of business. At WJA, we’re aggressive when it comes to creditors and bureaus. You’ll be my client. I’ll be your contact and partner. You’ll know me, and you’ll know where you stand in all phases of the program. I’ll make sure of that.

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