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    Andrew Bell

    Andrew is focused daily on being a reliable source in the arena of credit so that he helps others achieve their dreams. He values truth, Integrity and transparency because no one likes to be spoken down to or taken advantage of. He succeeds because he always does what’s right for his clients.


    A Bit About Me

    After college, I was blessed to have experience in multiple facets of the financial industry. From Customer Service, Life Insurance Sales, Financial Analysis/Planning, Talent Acquisition, Debt Settlement and Negotiations I ended up doing something that affects everyone’s dreams and future goals on a very personal level: credit.

    I work directly with struggling consumers, and I also partner with professionals in the mortgage industry throughout the country to help their clients close on homes when they couldn’t otherwise due to poor credit scores or derogatory items on their reports. With a hyper-aggressive 180 day, multi-round legal audit process of deleting negative/inaccurate item from credit reports, re-establishing new positive lines of credit, and our in-house law firm’s proven method of implementing audits and enforcing Federal laws and Acts of Congress, I have helped countless clients create a way out of what they thought was a no-way out situation.

    I work with clients that appreciate a personal approach to credit and are serious about results.

    Todd S.

    His straightforward and honest approach put the clients at ease and allows them to take ownership of their credit situation and put THEMSELVES in a better position to buy a home.

    Stacey P.

    I was in the 550 FICO range but wanted to be back in the mid-to-high 600s. Five to six months after I started the program with White Jacobs & Associates; my mid FICO was 714 and my high FICO was 730.

    Jay C.

    All the thanks in the world go out to Andrew Bell! We talked about three months back and he helped me with some great advice even though I couldn’t afford the entire package! Great man! My score has gone up upwards of 200 points in that short amount of time all thanks to this man! Five stars!

    Brandon B.

    Andrew truly cared about making sure I understood the entire process. Before I started the program, he was completely transparent with the results that he expected I would received based on what he saw on my report. That meant a lot to me. Best of all, I was able to get into a new home!

    Marilyn D.

    A very BIG thank you to Andrew for being an outstanding financial adviser. I was a bit hesitant at first but within the first 6 weeks I saw major improvement. More importantly, he has guided me in improving my credit for the long-term as well.

    I care about your credit.

    Andrew Bell – Credit Analyst

    As part of the WJA Team, I’m committed to changing lives through credit restoration. This would not be possible without my investigative research team and in-house law-firm that give me confidence in serving my clients. But more importantly, I’m grateful and blessed to be able to give personal attention to the people that I work with – coaching them every step of the way.

    Credit affects everyone. If you’re a person who has had money trouble in the past and need to raise your score – we need to talk. If you work in the mortgage industry or any other industry where you have to turn away business due to credit, we need to talk!

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