White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA) was founded with decades of experience in the consumer credit industry – to help consumers conquer the obstacles holding them back from achieving their financial goals.

Following in the footsteps of other pioneer entrepreneur companies such as Apple, Google and others, WJA’s mission is to redefine how consumers interact and resolve issues with the mega-corporations, businesses, lenders, credit bureaus and organizations of our times.

WJA’s first consumer campaign has been to change how consumers are forced to interact with the credit industry (credit bureaus, creditors, collectors and amateur credit repair agencies). In a world where credit information impacts virtually every facet of our lives and amateur credit repair companies are largely ineffective against the credit titans of our times, White, Jacobs & Associates has designed a program to stop the disturbing trend of consumer ineffectiveness. A trend of insanity in which consumers and most credit repair companies continue to do the same dispute letter template thing over and over again, but expect to receive different results. WJA has developed an entirely different approach that holds everyone accountable for what they do or fail to do with our credit files and what they report to others.

Other consumer credit services are currently available or planned. Please feel free to contact us whenever you are looking for a trust-worthy partner to help you with your consumer goals, challenges and issues.